TheZoneMedia was founded by Randy Funke in 1998 to create enriching web sites, technology, digital, audio and visual media, and has since built a complete portfolio of web sites technology solutions, top-name clients, and world-class creators of music and video for business and entertainment.



We provide:

  • Specialized web, apps and other digital media to enable B to B (business to business) and B to C (business to consumer) organizations to achieve their objectives by enriching and engaging their audiences.


  • High-powered low-cost Enterprise Engagement, Content Marketing, and Publishing software platforms enabling organizations to engage key audiences or almost any organization to become an online publisher with a highly measurable return-on-investment.


  • Videos, music, and almost any type of digital content with access to well-known musicians and entertainers in most genres for live, video and podcast productions to enrich live events or support an ongoing digital or social media campaign.


  • Strategic planning and tactical support through our Engagement Agency unit. We can help make sure that client tactical requests achieve strategic objectives with a clear return on investment.

What Makes Zone Media Unique?



  • We help organizations profit from technology and content: We don’t just create web sites, technology, and content that meet your specifications; we apply our years of experience to help you exceed your expectations and reduce risks by understanding your objectives and ensuring your strategies and tactics align with success.


  • Engagement and Communications Software Platforms to Save Money: We provide open-source Solata Engagement Portal and Solata Content Marketing/Publishing technology that enable organizations, supported by their developers, to develop powerful performance management, relationship-building and information sharing communities that provide incomparable behavioral analytics and more.


  • A Commitment to the Developer Community: We are passionate about working with the developer community to enable others to bring powerful low-cost portal technologies in the engagement and content marketing space to organizations that provide recurring revenues, opportunities for ongoing work, and development of other tools that can be shared at a profit with everyone in the developer community.


  • A Unique Marriage of Insights and ROI: TheZoneMedia brings a technical, business, and artistic perspective to projects with an emphasis on leveraging database-driven media applications and multimedia content creation and delivery in a way that captures attention and provides exceptional analytics related to engagement and behaviors.


  • Open Source Affordability: Our expertise in MYSQL development, PHP programming, ecommerce, Javascript and HTML as they apply to multimedia and community driven content and media, enables clients to benefit from exceptional digital experiences at a surprisingly affordable cost.


  • Large Client Experience, Boutique Service: TheZoneMedia has been developing large scale sites using the Drupal platform for over 10 years and has programmed and launched over 33 sites using Drupal. Among our notable Drupal based sites are,, and We also develop and support WordPress sites as well.


  • Content Development: TheZoneMedia is unique among technology companies in its ability provide visual and audio product to support enriching content. In addition to its collection of video projects, TheZoneMedia has engineered over 100 records, live recordings and DVD’s, and has worked alongside many of the industry’s top recording artists in the Jazz and Rock genre including McCoy Tyner, Hank Jones, Chris Frantz & Tina Weymouth (Talking Heads/Tom Tom Club), Phil Lesh (Grateful Dead), Clark Terry, Frank Morgan, Gerry Mulligan and more.


  • Strategic solutions and tactical implementation: Through its Engagement Agency unit, TheZoneMedia can provide complete support on program strategic design, project management, communications, return-on-investment measurement and analytics, rewards and recognition strategies, as well as other tactics that build more productive relationships between organizations and their customers, distribution partners, employees, vendors, and communities.

Contact: | 203.216.0683


  • 360 Drupal,Wordpress  & PHP Code
  • Facebook integration
  • IOS (iphone) Development
  • Responsive Theming
  • Solata Engagement Portal
  • Solata Publishing Portal
  • LAMP Support
  • Apache Solr/Search
  • HTML, HTML5, JS and Flash
  • Database Data Migration/Export
  • SEO Optimization and Strategy
  • Ecommerce Systems
  • Custom, Reusable Code
  • Protools, Finalcut Pro, Photoshop
  • Design and Layout
  • Open Source

Partial Client List

  • Fox News
  • Grammy Foundation
  • ESPN
  • Opus1 Music
  • Veomed, Inc.
  • Elsevier Public Safety
  • Bloomberg Global
  • Artistshouse Music
  • Harvard University
  • Loyola University
  • Stanford University
  • Inspiration Unlimited
  • Taasera Inc.
  • Allora Media
  • Access Intelligence (Red7 Media)
  • OxClassic
  • Messina Group
  • Spine

Partial Website List

Partial Project List


McCoy Tyner – Guitars (Jazz Charts top 10)
Hank Jones – Live at the Blue Note
Kenny Werner – Live at the Blue Note
Cecil Taylor Master Class NYU/PBS Series
Barry Harris Master Class NYU/PBS Series
Jimmy and Percy Heath Master Class NYU/PBS Series
Clark Terry Master Class NYU/PBS Series
Bob Brookmeyer – @ the Jazz Standard, NYC
Kenny Werner – w/ Brussels Jazz Orchestra
Kenny Werner – Live at the Blue Note
Chris Frantz & Tina Weymouth (Talking Heads/Tom Tom Club)
Nancy Harrow -The Cat that Went to Heaven
Nancy Harrow -This Side of Paradise
TomTom Club – Live at the Clubhouse (asst. Engineer)


Carlos Barbosa Lima
SuperGrass (remix)
Hank Jones Master Class
Illinois Jaquet – @ the Jazz Standard, NYC Big Band
Frank Morgan Quartet – @ the Jazz Standard, NYC Vol.1 (Jazz Charts top 50 of 2004)
Frank Morgan Quartet – @ the Jazz Standard, NYC Vol.2
Frank Morgan Quartet – @ the Jazz Standard, NYC Vol.3
Phil Lesh and Friends – SOB’s NYC
Drea Towey – Chester The Dog
Drea Towey – Sugar On Top
Drea Towey – Just Cause I Love You
King For A Day – Greatest Hits Vol 1
King For A Day – Fortress
King For A Day – From The Wood ep
TomTom Club – Creole Bred: Tribute to Creole & Zydeco


Gerry Mulligan –SACD/Documentary DVD for “Age of Steam”
Cecil Taylor Master Class NYU/PBS Series
Clark Terry Master Class NYU/PBS Series
Hank Jones Master Class NYU/PBS Series
Scrapomatic – MOANIN’
Oteil Burbridge (Allman Bros.) – THE FAMILY SECRET
Jason Crosby – (Robert Randolph) FOUR CHORDS AND SEVEN NOTES AGO
Bob Brookmeyer/Kenny Wheeler Quintet – ISLAND
Kenny Werner – Effortless Mastery DVD

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